Slowdance by Talking Violet

Darkenin Heart

Southern Ontario-based band Talking Violet will release their debut album Tell Your Friends You Love Them on October 1st, 2021, delivering a sound which takes cues from nineties indie rock, and also sticks out among today's shoegaze scene.

Slowdance is the band's latest single, a glimmering dreampop number which comes with a cheerful video.

"Slowdance is the ongoing effort of trying to be a comfort for someone else, and the eagerness to see them with peace of mind. It's having your heart broken for someone else’s," says Talking Violet's Jill Goyeau. "When I understand and witness with my own eyes the emotional turmoil of someone I love, I often take on an internal need to do whatever I can in my power to lift them (something I know a huge majority of people do.) It's a consuming wish that is desperate and urgent and feels like bare hands fishing through water trying to find anything in reach. Although no one expects this of anyone, it's hard to turn that mission off. All you are yearning for is contentness for your loved one and to see them feel relief."


Talking Violet

Video directed / edited by Elliott Hale.

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