Heaven's Gate by A Very Special Episode

Brooklyn trio A Very Special Episode return with their new single Heaven’s Gate. It's the band’s first studio release since their 2021 album, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE (Hidden Home/EWEL Records), and it draws its concept from the devious underside of the desire to "belong."

The band's recent interest in cults and those who look for a home within them is hinted at in the song's title, Heaven's Gate. A memorable visit to the parking lot of Scientology’s Los Angeles Celebrity Center and the nearby "museum" devoted to the purported sins of psychiatry that it houses served as the catalyst for this discovery process.

Speaking on the theme that runs through Heaven’s Gate, vocalist/bassist Kasey Heisler comments: “It’s about the need to belong, the search for an in group, and the length’s one may go to find one in spite of the danger and the vulnerability that requires.”

The upcoming album develops the concepts introduced in Heaven's Gate, exploring both extreme positions and the hazy areas in between.

Guitarist and vocalist Patrick Porter adds: “Joining a group or organization that’s larger than oneself requires being absorbed into a helpless situation, surrendering one’s entire being to the cause. This can be an intentional decision, the result of intense manipulation, or an ambiguous mix of both.”

Heaven's Gate comes with the release of the ‘Official Onboarding’ lyric video shot by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jen Meller.

A Very Special Episode

EWEL Records

Hidden Home Records

❤ Friday, February 3, 2023

Ocean by Jon Hood

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Body Semantics in 2017, Jon Hood provide an evocative indication of their audio and visual presence with the release of their new single Ocean. Like the band, Ocean's composition has gone through various states and forms, with the most recent iteration feeling like a very vibrant and meticulously put together entity.

The song develops compellingly thanks to the composition's repeating instrumental loops, and an overall beautiful atmosphere that changes from a mellow melancholy to a slightly optimistic elation, a dynamic which Jon Hood's music holds in general. The warmly spoken lyrics of vocalist Joan Seiler are rather characteristic and become even more emphasized by the backing echoes provided by Costa Rican musician Sonya Carmona.

The song's opening line, which is very powerful lyrically, serves as a subtle reminder that, despite the world occasionally feeling controlled and cold, still exists space for fantasy and multisensory experiences.

That very same concept is also reflected in Eliane Bertschi's music video, in which performer Lara Dâmaso alternates between a green-screen studio and various animated fantastical settings made by Joerg Hurschler. A virtual reality can transform into an inner safe space with the use of imagination.

Jon Hood
Cover artwork by Eliane Bertschi
Video directed, produced & edited by Eliane Bertschi

Red Brick Chapel

❤ Friday, February 3, 2023

Kill Me I Got You by Mazey Haze

Mazey Haze, aka Amsterdam-based musician Nadine Appeldoorn, has revealed her latest single Kill Me I Got You, accompanied by a black & white 16mm music video shot in Hervelinghen, France by Wietger Mosch. The clip takes inspiration from the Swedish film Kärlek 65, and Mr. Bean.

Appeldoorn believes she has finally begun to understand herself with this song, regardless of how difficult those moments of self-reflection can become. Kill Me I Got You was written about compromising one's own individuality to accommodate another's needs and wants, and is an exercise in acknowledging habits within the artist's in relationships.

Appeldoorn comments: "I’ve learned that I should never force things with other people and be honest with myself and others – and I shouldn’t be afraid to communicate that.

"It’s about how the search for a profound, real connection with other people can be confusing, lonely and complicated. Why do I ‘kill’ myself to be who someone else wants me to be just so I can be with them?"

The single arrives ahead of the release of the new EP by Mazey Haze, Back to the Start, releasing on April 7th, 2023 via LUSTRE.

Mazey Haze
Artist photo & video by Wietger Mosch


❤ Friday, February 3, 2023