Effortless by Overly

Overly, a Portland-based project with a heavy metal and post rock foundation, delivers their debut track Effortless, their first and confident move into the shoegaze and dreampop sphere.

Effortless is an ethereal and alluring shoegaze track with a heavier sound and a structure which gravitates toward post rock.

Heavy and grungy guitars, delicate vocals, and an overwhelming sense of tunefulness and warm melancholy constitute the song's appeal, which alludes to some of the brightest in recent shoegaze history.


Present Tents by Street Sects

Street Sects' Gentrification project is a five-part series that began as a set of self-released seven-inches eight years ago. Gentrification V: Whitewashed is the last installment, mixed and mastered by Seth Manchester (The Body, Lightning Bolt, Marissa Nadler), and out through San Francisco label The Flenser. 

Present Tents is the last track revealed from the entire series, and a track which carries the characteristic intensity and poetic approach which pairs with Street Sect's tough industrial sound.

“Eight years after the first installment, we are excited to finally bring the ‘Gentrification’ series to its conclusion,” Street Sects comment.

Street Sects
Cover art by A.J. Garces Bohmer
Band photo by Angela Betancourt

The Flenser


II by Scarcity

Experimental black metal band Scarcity will release their debut album Aveilut through The Flenser on July 15th, 2022. The band features Brendon Randall-Myers (Glenn Branca Ensemble) and Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores).

Aveilut is an attempt to convey a horrifying global portrayal of death's actual shape, while being formed from Randall-Myers and Moore's profound connection with absence.

II is the second movement, a 10-plus-minute piece from an overall 45-minute composition, and it presents the project's contemporary black metal in the spirit of acts like Jute Gyte, Krallice, Mare Cognitum, and Enhare, with very intense guitar-based instrumentals and a cinematic perspective inspired by Randall-Myers' work with orchestras.

II pairs to a video directed by Derrick Belcham, featuring Jacalyn Tatro.

Video credits:
Directed by Derrick Belcham
Featuring Jacalyn Tatro

The Flenser