Jaw by MØAA

Shoegaze/post punk act MØAA began by Jancy Rae at first in the form of demo recordings when she was living in the forest near Seattle, WA. Eventually, the artist moved to Venice, Italy, and in isolation she completed the recordings which became the album Euphoric Recall in collaboration with Andrea Volpato.

Euphoric Recall was released Spring 2021 via WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring), and now the individual single Jaw becomes an addition to the album. The song is accompanied by a video directed by Alice Lorenzon.

The artist explains: "Jaw is about being the black sheep, or the bad seed in a group of friends. Usually those who are living a sketchy life aren’t easily able to escape it and instead suck others into their tornado and corrupt the people around them. From the outside, people wonder why the reckless and troubled behave this way but rarely do they actually want to know where they are coming from or what their story really is.”

Video directed and edited by Alice Lorenzon / Filmed by Laura Sans.

We Were Never Being Boring

An Age Found by Psylhouette

Brighton and Berlin based duo Psylhouette released their new album Psylhouette II, led by opening track and single An Age Found, a low key dreampop song mingled with elements from trip hop and an underlying adventurous approach.

The song is accompanied by a video shot in Berlin which parallels the assertive mood of Psylhouette's music. Tuneful yet carrier of an experimental outlook, An Age Found is a spotless introduction to the band's musical finesse.

The clip follows singer Juli on her bike around Templehof Airport in true DIY spirit.


Kimmi in A Rice Field by AJ Lambert

Following the acclaim of her work with Bloodslide, AJ Lambert has been preparing for the release of her album, Manhattan Beach, Swept By Ocean Breezes coming out on February 11th, 2022. After the elegance of her version of the classic I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good), Lambert verifies her adjustability with a cover of a contemporary song, Mr Twin Sister's Kimmi in A Rice Field, showing similar artistic qualities to those of her mother Nancy Sinatra and grandfather Frank Sinatra.

AJ came upon Mr Twin Sister for the first time in 2018 in a studio where the band were recording and she was picking up a hard drive of her album Careful You.

Lambert explains why she decided to cover this song: “I have been a fan of these folks for many years and this song is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard, with such an incredible story. The video was animated by Actuality Films and I also used some footage by Len Lye, the great British animator, as a layer to complement their beautiful hand drawn art. They really brought the characters of Kimmi and her sister to life.”

The video was directed by Lambert and animated by Robert Capria and Actuality Films.

AJ Lambert
Animated Video by Robert Capria & Actuality Films.