Believe it All by Twin Rains

Darkenin Heart

Toronto dreampop act Twin Rains unveil Believe it All, the third single from their upcoming album Unreal City. The song comes with a black and white music video shot on one of Toronto’s busiest intersections.

“I had this idea to do a music video of a street preacher,” says singer Christine Stoesser, who lives near Bloor and Dufferin. “I hear them all the time on the corner and thought it made sense with the song.” Stoesser realized the video with the help of director Jon Staav, cinematographer Victor Cahoj and video editor Samantha D’Alessio.

“It’s about misinformation, but not necessarily misinformation from the internet, although that’s part of it because it’s unescapable,” says Christine on the song. “But I was writing more about the misinformation you feed yourself, in your own head. And how it can become a creed, and you start to believe it all.”

Twin Rains' Jay Merrow talks about the band's decision to appear in the video: “I loved the idea but was nervous if Christine would be able to pull off the act in front of the thousands of people who cross the corner everyday. She is a shy person with strangers on top of it all, but she pulled it off! It wasn’t until after the shoot that she mentioned she felt embarrassed.”
Twin Rains
Video by Jonathan Staav & Viktor Cahoj

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