Erase by Keening

Darkenin Heart

UK darkwave act Keening began as a side project by Marc Atkinson singer of The Raudive (UPR), and it was completed with the addition of Brandon Jacobs (Neils Children) and producer James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Nick Cave). Ahead of their debut EP The Yellow Portal, the band released the single Erase through Icy Cold Records.

The band's sound draws inspiration from British darkwave, coldwave and post punk, citing Modern Eon, Spiritualized, Joy Division and early The Cure as major influences. Thematically, the EP takes cues from Atkinson’s work in suicide prevention during lockdown, and more expansive concepts around mental health.

The band explain the upcoming EP's title, and its reference to the colour yellow: "Colour psychology acknowledges the colour yellow's relationship with sickness, mental illness and even excess. In literature, yellow also reminds us of Charlotte Perkins' The Yellow Wallpaper, which relates a fictionalised account of a descent into madness. A similar symbolic use can perhaps be found in Robert W Chambers' The King in Yellow, a cursed text that drives those who read it to madness."

Erase ticks all the boxes in regard to traditional post punk and gothic rock qualities, and draws attention to its dark character.


Icy Cold Records


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