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Darkenin Heart

What do you consider to be the darkest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
Band Aid - Do they know it's Christmas?

How would you characterize your own music?
Lost soundtracks to my favorite cult films I've never seen.

What are your musical aspirations?
To create a cinematic world in records and in shows where the audience is dragged in and immersed in this atmosphere.

What are your main musical inspirations?
The Blood Brothers, probably that whole trip hop thing (Portishead/Massive Attack) and a couple of years of nasty garage punk records.

What are your main goals in life?
If I tell you, I might have to...

What motivates you to create?
I see visions. I'm compelled to communicate what I see and feel to others. Healing purposes, I guess.

Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?
Despite what you might think, I'm an early bird. Or early bat if you like.

Besides music, what other art forms would you like to explore?
I'm an active filmmaker, but haven't got into narrative yet - that's one of my biggest goals.

Which is the very first record that had a big impact on you?
Hmm probably Deep Purple or Queen when I was a little kid. First CD I bought was Prodigy - Fat Of The Land though. Still a banger.

What is the best decade for music?
Right now. We've got everything, and the old stuff right?

What do your future plans include?
Tour across Russia. Record with one of my idols. Make a feature film. Expose injustice. Have some fun.

Shape / Shifting releases February 11th, 2022 via Dedstrange


Photo by Dhanesh Jayaselan
All questions answered by Lewis Lloyd

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