Team Sport by Colatura

Darkenin Heart

From New York, indie pop trio Colatura have announced the release of their debut album, And Then I'll Be Happy, which will be released on April 22nd, 2022. Their charming latest single Team Sport hides its melancholy under a cheerful melody.

Colatura comment on Team Sport: "A sad song that sounds happy. It's a feel-good tune until you start to listen to the lyrics… 'who knew drowning was a team sport?’. The song is about two people who try really hard to make a relationship work but can’t seem to, despite their best efforts. It explores the difficult reality that in many relationships both people want it to work, but can’t seem to get on the same page, and in trying to make the other person happy, both end up feeling like they’re drowning."

Colatura are Jennica (bass/vocals), Digo (guitar/vocals) and Meredith (guitar/vocals). The band have also directed the video for team sport, featuring Marsha Andrews and Michael Best.

Videa directed & Edited by Colatura
Cover by Karaska

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