Broken Dick by Night City

Darkenin Heart

Night City is a new project created by multi-instrumentalist Collyn McCoy (Circle of Sighs, Aboleth), whose heavy and immersive sound is being introduced with the first EP Kuang XI, out via Dune Altar. The EP's title refers to the Mandarin term for "crazy happy," as well as the computer virus featured in William Gibson's Neuromancer.

Other literary influences for Night City's cyberpunk themes and dystopian feel include Neal Stephenson, and Phillip K. Dick, while the project's industrial sludge metal sound owes to Throbbing Gristle, Swans, Ministry, Author & Punisher and Killing Joke among others.

Collyn McCoy explains: "I wanted to write music that was political. I also wanted to recreate that feeling I got when I heard Godflesh for the first time and couldn’t believe how unrelentingly goddamn heavy it was. So Night City sits at the cross-section of those two impulses.

"Inspiration: Dystopian science fiction (Philip K Dick, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson). Late 19th/early 20th century anarchists (Stephen Pearl Andrews, Robert Owen, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman). The Fluxus art movement. Jaron Lanier."

Night City's debut EP is brutal and incredibly visual as a whole, with roots firmly planted in the genre's history while giving the sense of something progressive.

Night City


Cover by Collyn McCoy

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