Sleep by Melt Motif

Darkenin Heart

Melt Motif, the contemporary darkwave/industrial duo from the west coast of Bergen, Norway, and the gritty backdrops of São Paulo, Brazil, continued to produce intriguing tracks using thick textures influenced by visual quirks, and mentioning inspiration from David Lynch's distorted atmospheres.

Melt Motif create a more ethereal feel with their latest single. Since the duo's music is often filled with horror aspects and an ambient atmosphere, the tune appears to be something out of the ordinary for the genre. Sleep is the band's final single before the release of their debut album, A White Horse Will Take You Home.

Sleep is paired with a beautiful video which also comes across very creative and unearthly.

On May 20th, 2022, A White Horse Will Take You Home will be released in its entirety.

Melt Motif

Apollon Records

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