Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me by Bloods

Darkenin Heart

Bloods will release their new album Together, Baby! on September 23rd, 2022 via Share It Music. The energetic punk rock track Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me is the newest single, arriving with an engaging video directed by the band's Marihuzka Cornelius.

Cornelius comments on the track: "This song is a raw one for me because I wrote it while I was feeling really low. My therapist had just helped me see that I have a tendency to blame myself when things go wrong and it was like a lightbulb moment that sent me into a bit of a spiral.

I was sitting in my bed the next day, not really wanting to leave and decided to try to write, to see if it would help. I keep my guitar next to my bed, so I started playing the chords to ‘Rip It Up’ by Little Richard and this song came pouring out of me. I wrote it over two days, not finishing the demo until I had every part of it down.

When we went in to record it, I completely broke down half way through tracking the vocals – poor Mike and Dirk didn’t know what was going on while I was sobbing hysterically. In the end, writing this song was like the final stage of processing for me. I still don’t know how I’ll go if I ever have to sing it live, but I feel like all special songs come from a real place and this one is possibly the realest song writing moment I’ve ever had.

Musically I wanted it to sound like a pop-punk/distressed version of Iggy Pop’s ‘Candy’. I love the dynamics of that song and how Iggy and Kate [Pierson] pull you into their conversation."

Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me presents a more pop punk and emo rock approach of the band's songwriting and the tone of their new album, which was previously presented with straight punk rock tracks like BOSS.

Proceeds from the upcoming album will benefit the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Australia).


Cover artwork design and layout by Rosa Morgan
Video directed by Marihuzka Cornelius

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