Wedi Blino by Adwaith

Darkenin Heart

Adwaith, a Welsh post-punk three-piece, have released the beautiful video for Wedi Blino, the newest single off their eagerly awaited sophomore album Bato Mato, which is set to be released on July 1st, 2022 via Libertino.

Wedi Blino offers insight into the band's artistic path, turning up the distortion, which becomes a great compliment to their songwriting and lyricism, culminating in a journey through the fears of one's early twenties.

The band explain: "We wanted to create a big indie pop song that has a melancholy feel to it" say the band. "It's about being worried that life is going too fast or the worries of a relationship, the overwhelming feeling that you're not good enough and that you are the reason things aren't working out."

On the video Adwaith comment: "The concept of the video is all about anxiety, feeling detached from the world, feeling like you're the problem always. All these emotions that are very apparent in your early 20's. We worked with Eilir Pierce to create this video as we wanted it to be more dramatic and heartfelt than our other videos."



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