Too Fast by Alpha Pet

Darkenin Heart

Too Fast is the newest single by Alpha Pet, a fast emerging and exciting new post punk outfit. The track is a dark and engaging piece of work, and the second in a three-single series, following Concept of Power from May 2022.

”Too Fast is a primal force that arches out of the pulsating playing of the rhythm section and shows the power of the dark.”

The enigmatic and vibrating atmosphere created by the bass, percussion, and leather whip is central to the song, which appears to be reminiscent of eighties post punk bands such as Killing Joke, as well as more contemporary artists such as Viagra Boys and Reeperbahn, while also having a cinematic quality, which is unusual for a post punk song of that energy.

Alpha Pets vocalist Rocky Ã…berg says about the creative process: “When Jocke and Putte started hammering out the beat, it was impossible not to get caught up in the feeling of being the superior in an action movie. HA, HA! The theme of the text came naturally – desert from society and put your legs on your back. No one is faster than he who is free.”

Alpha Pet
Band photo by Ambrose Benedict

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