Satellite by Zetra

Darkenin Heart

Zetra continue to impress, not only with their genre blending abilities, but also with their compositional strength, as the band manage to present a perfect balance of accessibility and intrigue in their songwriting. Satellite in the latest example of Zetra's merits.

The band comment: "A streak of flame across the night sky. Those Who Watch ponder its meaning: is it something to fear, a harbinger of things to come? Or perhaps a message of hope from those who dared to break free from their terrestrial bonds.

The Satellite knows better.

The Satellite understands the futility of escape.

Gaia’s grip is too strong to break free, yet too weak to force a cataclysm.

To float ever between worlds, or descend once more to certain death.

A choice must be made."

Satellite also sees the band releasing a striking and visually appealing music video that leaves a lasting impression.

Video by Billy Howard Price

Nuclear Blast

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