Dry Ice by The Empty Page

Darkenin Heart

The Empty Page are a Manchester-based alternative/post punk band, coming back after a while with their new single Dry Ice. The song, which is inspired by the appeal of sweaty nightclubs and features a very exciting mix of post punk, goth-disco and synthpop, is the first track from their expected second full-length, still untitled and coming out in Spring 2023.

Dry Ice was produced by Morton Kong and recorded at Eve Studios in Stockport.

The song is characterized by a deep sense of vibrancy, mainly due to its concept which is perfectly relayed through the songwriting and the excitement that The Empty Page bring with their style and performance.

Singer and bassist Kel describes: “Dry Ice was inspired by the alluring stench that pours out the back door of a club, beckoning you in as you walk past. The chorus celebrates ‘the crush of the warm crowd’ - the joy of moving as one to loud music in a roomful of people. It’s about writhing together unselfconsciously.

“I was already feeling nostalgic for freer, easier times, late nights, chippy tea bus rides, when I started scribbling down ideas but the restrictions of the pandemic exacerbated that yearning for closeness to strangers. I still don’t think we’re quite back there with the freedom to mingle sweatily that we once took for granted. This song is a celebration of that ‘disco convulsion’”.

Guitarist Giz adds: “We have started experimenting more with how we record our songs. On our debut album, it was all about the sound of a band in a room, not too much messing with that. On these new tracks, we’ve been playing with old Pro One synthesisers and bust-up pianos. Experimenting more with layers of guitar sounds and other noises. It’s definitely a progression.”

The Empty Page
Band photo by Debbie Ellis

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