No One to Trust by Glass Spells

Darkenin Heart

Glass Spells are an electronic synthpop band from San Diego, California, which combines modernistic synth melodies and vibrant rhythms with lively and appealing female vocals. They are composed of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Ramirez, and lead singer Tania Costello.

No One to Trust is the duo's new single and video. Part of the dark and nostalgic group of songs which make up the band's 2021 album Shattered, No One to Trust makes Glass Spells' goth pop strengths more relatable, relaying a sound that is dark and underground in true essence, and yet easy to follow.

The accompanying video amplifies the duo's eighties pop aesthetic appeal and corresponds with the music.

Glass Spells
Video directed by Oscar “Oz” Riveros

Negative Gain

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