I Feel Like a Child by Mazey Haze

Darkenin Heart

Indie rock act Mazey Haze aka Amsterdam-based artist Nadine Appeldoorn has announced the new EP Back to the Start which will be released on April 7th, 2023 via LUSTRE. I Feel Like a Child is the second single unveiled.

The song is about embracing that it's fine not to be on the same page with another person. It was written while the artist gazed out her bedroom window. Mazey Haze says: “The trees are really pretty in the summer, and you can see the sunshine and all the leaves moving. The song is about the fact that everyone has their own perception, and that’s fine. There’s no right or wrong. There’s no truth. But what’s important is keeping in touch with your imagination.”

Mazey Haze's new material finds her taking a more pragmatic direction with less perfectionism, dialing back the more dreamlike qualities observed on her debut EP. Her love of French New Wave cinema, Italian film scores, and 1960s psych rock have influenced a lot her newest work.

Mazey Haze elaborated on the lyrical inspiration for I Feel Like a Child, saying: "I Feel Like a Child is a song about beautiful mundanity in comparison to superficial humanity. I think these two have an amazing contrast next to each other and they’re two things that have always fascinated me. I want to try and understand why I feel so wonderful and calm when I’m alone looking at some birds in the sky, leafy trees or listening to classical music. And why I feel overwhelmed and confused by so many people (including myself) so much. But mostly, I've figured out that there’s no sense in thinking about these things, but more so to act upon it and feel it."

Mazey Haze


Artist photo by Tara Wilts
Video directed by Allard de Bruijne

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