Premiere: Perfect Wonder by Night Hikes

Darkenin Heart

Olivia Godby and Matthew Farrell met up with an acoustic guitar and a Juno-106 on a lively fall afternoon in South Bend, Indiana. At the time, it didn't occur to either of them that an evolving alliance would arise, but in a short space of time, their creative minds came together to form the dreampop project Night Hikes.

The two artists gathered together in late 2021 to record their most bold songs to date, implementing fuzzy guitars and vibrant rhythms over gentle vocals, taking inspiration from shoegaze pioneers The Veldt and Lush.

The resulting sound can be affectionately dubbed as 'stargaze' music; shoegaze with an external and ascending perspective. In 2023, the band will release the full length Keeper of Reality, and the accompanying EP Perfect Wonder, in collaboration with Erik Blood, renowned producer from the Black Constellation.

The first example from Perfect Wonder is the EP's title track. Night Hikes describe: "It is a reflection on the longing for connection that creates the fabric of our world. Beneath the distraction and anxiety and expectation of our mental life, there is this vulnerable, precious desire to be completely known—to be seen in this way that takes your breath away. When we let ourselves go to that place, it’s a step into this perfect state of wonder that feels like a true homecoming."

Night Hikes
Band photo by Becki Thorley

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