This Is a Japanese Robot by The Loud Bangs

Darkenin Heart

The LOUD BANGS are a Los Angeles rock band, formed in the summer of 2021 as a result of a shared appreciation for shoegaze, nineties alternative, and German club music. The band's psychedelic sound has been presented in a series of EPs which are very intriguing as a result of their songs' frequent focus on mental health.

The LOUD BANGS' most recent EP release is called Stray Honey. Audiences of 120 Minutes, 24 Hour Party People and other indie diehards will find delight in the new song This Is a Japanese Robot, a Manchester-style dance track which has the nineties reflected all over it. In terms of structure, it is completely absurd, and that's were its charm lies.

The Loud Bangs
Video by Jill GG

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