Cyanide for Breakfast by Asbest

Darkenin Heart

Another prominent track with a major subject, Cyanide For Breakfast is the latest release from Asbest, part of the band's forthcoming album, Cyanide which will be out on May 19th, 2023 through A Tree In A Field Records.

Asbest describe: "In Cyanide for Breakfast we tried to explore the connection between the requirements of a pathological society and mental health. We feel that an increasing amount of people need to ingest a cocktail of psychotropic drugs to survive everyday life. While we advocate people getting the help they need we feel that this development is treating the symptoms rather than the cause. An while we do not want to encourage suicide in any way we believe that fatalistically accepting the harmful status quo is also a way of giving up and denying yourself a life that is worth living."

Cyanide for Breakfast stands out for both its concept and musical authenticity, making the rest of the album's release eagerly anticipated.


A Tree In A Field Records
Czar Of Crickets Productions


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