Daybreak by Grandbrothers

Darkenin Heart

Grandbrothers will release their new album Late Reflections on April 14th, 2023 through City Slang. Opening track, Daybreak is the latest example revealed from it, and an expression of the excellent atmosphere that the duo always brings.

Daybreak was recorded in nocturnal isolation in Cologne Cathedral, the iconic Gothic monument that is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Germany's most visited symbol. Manfred Borsch, filmmaker and long-time collaborator, devised his own expression of Gerhard Richter's world-famous window in the southern transept for the visual aid.

"During the recording process, we found ourselves in a highly shifted rhythm. We worked exclusively at night until early morning. When we packed up our things around 6 a.m., the windows began to shine and the cathedral seemed to awaken. This visual transformation was central symbol of the recording process for us, that's why 'Daybreak' is the album's opener," says Grandbrothers' Erol Sarp.

The album displays a broad feel of compositional potentials for pianist Erol Sarp and producer / electronic engineer Lukas Vogel, who have been placing their contemporary and distinct electronic spin on prepared piano since their inception in 2012.

“The main difference compared to the last two albums, is that we set ourselves a rule that everything needed to be created on the instrument in that moment,” explains Vogel. “But now that this rule is gone, we’ve started to produce or record things on the computer which means we can stack up more layers. Previously, it has always just been me sitting at the piano playing, but now we have three or four piano parts together, which I wouldn’t be able to play at once as it’s too many notes; it just wouldn’t be possible as I only have ten fingers. This new method has opened up worlds and given so many more opportunities to write music.”


City Slang

Band photo by Dan Medhurst
Video by Manfred Borsch

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