Double Life by Queen Serene

Darkenin Heart

The Austin, Texas-based collective Queen Serene developed their own sound over time, drawing inspiration from acts like Wire, My Bloody Valentine, and Can. The band's members have a mutual appreciation of contemplative drones, angular guitars, and motorik percussion.

Former member of The Naked Tungs, Sarah Ronan, started the group as a pandemic-caused bedroom recording project. The current lineup features Matt Galceran (vocals, guitar), Dale Pohly (bass), and Sarah's former The Naked Tungs bandmate Riley Corcoran (drums, synth).

According to Queen Serene, bands like Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, and Broadcast were influences on their most recent single, Double Life. It is a melodic song with a propensity for experimentation and expansion as well as a greater level of intuitiveness.

Queen Serene
Cover artwork by Riley Corcoran

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