A Lotus Like Mouth by Sutras

Darkenin Heart

Tristan Welch had battled with putting out music under his own name for a number of years. Without a separate identity, he was producing and distributing his music which in hindsight also represented his life. He went through a lot of spiritual and personal trouble from 2020 to 2021. Through the teachings of Buddhism and Bhakti, Welch discovered safety and sanctuary in 2022. He came to the conclusion to give up all pretense of ego, launch a project called Sutras, and write music with the aim of meditation and devotion within this newly discovered consciousness.

A meditation on rebirth, the first single is titled A Lotus Like Mouth. Welch layers his blatant distorted guitar to create an ambient centered peak, starting with a slow, rhythmic drum which is a new impact in his work, and builds to an evocative riff which ultimately fades into bells to complete the meditation.

Cover art by Axelle & Lindley A. Taylor

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