Rival Cults Fill The Darkenin Heart Questionnaire

Darkenin Heart

What do you consider to be the darkest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
This is the song that never ends… it just goes on and on my friend… some people started singing it not knowing what it does and they’ll continue singing it forever just because… this is the song that never ends…

How would you characterize your own music?
Rock ‘n’ Roll.

What are your musical aspirations?
To be the coolest band’s favorite band.

What are your main musical inspirations?
This project culminates so many of our interests and eclectic backgrounds into a simple rock format that comes out a bit spooky. It is safe to assume that bands like the Damned, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and Bauhaus have had a significant impact on the way we sound, but I would say that Lemmy and Bo Diddley are more of an example of the angels I personally like to keep on my shoulders on stage or in the studio no matter what music I’m playing.

What are your main goals in life?
To Rock.

What motivates you to create?

Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?

Besides music, what other art forms would you like to explore?

Which is the very first record that had a big impact on you?
Pre Kindergarten, it was Michael Jackson’s BAD and Aerosmith’s Pump. Once 2nd grade came around, Metallica’s Black Album single handedly focused my attention on all things with heavy distorted guitar.

What is the best decade for music?

What do your future plans include?
Blood Orgies.
Indoctrination is out now via DUNE ALTAR

Rival Cults
Band photo by Talia Burkett Helvey
All questions answered by Cole Barrington

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