Funny Games by Wax Heart Sodality

Darkenin Heart

UK band Wax Heart Sodality release Funny Games which takes inspiration from the film of the same name by Michael Haneke. The track introduces an engaging concept and is part of their upcoming EP set to be released in 2023.

The song is a gothic rock composition with a haunting atmosphere and a catchy chorus that leaves a lasting impression. It asks: 'What if we just took the things we’ve been brought up being told we weren’t allowed?’

The song tells a story of someone who enters a house and immerses themselves in the opulent elements of a lavish lifestyle. Their actions create an unnerving situation, reminiscent of the opening scenes of the film that inspired the song's title.

Funny Games provides a critical examination of social division, shedding light on its limitations and privileges, visualizing a revolution where the dominant narratives perpetuated by politicians and influencers lose their power, granting the freedom for one to fully appreciate life's modest luxuries.

Funny Games was recorded at The Green Dragon Studios, Stockton-On-Tees, and mixed by Mouses frontman, Steven Bardgett.

Wax Heart Sodality
Cover artwork by Joe Munsey
Band photo by Austin Tweddle

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