Nothing Matters by Monk

Darkenin Heart

Monk, a new hardcore band from Los Angeles, combines the mindfulness of their songwriting subjects with actual intensity in their heavy music. They explore deep themes like impermanence and existentialism, stressing the importance of comprehending the present moment, and accepting both our positive and negative our emotions.

The band is taking inspiration from influential bands like 86 Mentality and Knife Fight, as well as contemporary acts such as Gel and Bib. Their first release consists of vocalist Frank Bach (Vicious Cycle, Designer at Headspace), guitarist Daniel Romano (The Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Attack In Black etc.), drummer Ian Romano (The Outfit, Career Suicide, Attack In Black, etc.), and keyboardist Scott Sorenson.

Nothing Matters underscores the crucial importance of proactive action in making a positive impact on the world. The song addresses the pressing matter of climate change, and explores how people assign value to diverse aspects of reality.

Nothing Matters emerges together with a music video produced by Monk, directed by L.A. based videographer, Jovanni Martinez (Motionless Creations).

Rock EP, the upcoming release by Monk will arrive through Dine Alone Records on August 4th, 2023. The EP was recorded at Camera Varda & Headspace Studios. It was produced by Monk, and engineered by Ian Romano with mixing and vocal production by Scott Sorenson, and mastering by Monogram Sound.


Dine Alone Records

Cover design by Jack Rogers and Frank Bach
Video directed by Jovanni Martinez (Motionless Creations)

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