RUT by Bo Gritz

Darkenin Heart

London-based post punk trio Bo Gritz has unveiled their last preview from their upcoming first album Chroma, which is scheduled to be launched on June 9th, 2023 via Glasshouse Records.

The new single, titled RUT, acts as the opening track of the upcoming album, and stands out as their most exhilarating offering to date. It captivates with its forceful basslines, rhythmic drum patterns, and distorted elements.

The song draws influence from chaotic experimentation and disruptive music, evoking associations with bands such as LICE, Gilla Band, and Snapped Ankles during their most intense and metallic moments.

Speaking about the track, Bo Gritz bassist Benjamin Salt comments: “When we all sat around and listened back to the album tracks this was the unanimous choice to be track one, mainly because of the way it just explodes out the speakers. It just stomps really, a sonic battering ram, but I really like how the second half of the song morphs into an almost krautrock, motorik rhythm. You can really just lose yourself in it. Special mention to Nathan Ridley and Max for the production, they both did stellar work and got the track sounding huge. That first minute or two really sets the tone for the rest of the album.”

Bo Gritz

Glasshouse Records

Cover artwork by Finn Holland
Video by Gareth Thomas

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