Since La Vie En Rose by Down The Lees

Darkenin Heart

By shedding light on the psyche of musicians and expanding on topics of self-destruction and personal turmoil, the new single by Down The Lees, offers a deep commentary on the human condition, the life of artists and the challenges they often go through.

Since La Vie En Rose pays homage to the enigmatic Edith Piaf, a profoundly troubled artist whose tragic end contrasted with her remarkable career. The song carries a profound sense of emotion, with Laura Lee Schultz of Down The Lees shouldering the entire performance, even handling the drums, for which she received online lessons from William Goldsmith, known for his work with Sunny Day Real Estate.

The song was mixed by Jesse Gander (Brutus, Japandroids, White Lung) of Raincity Recorders and mastered by Blake Bickel (Dynamic Sound).

Down The Lees

Off White House Records


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