Strange Wind by Violet Silhouette

Darkenin Heart

Having formed as a band in late 2019, Violet Silhouette went through the difficulty of trying to establish themselves as a new act in the midst of the pandemic. Their first EP titled SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION in 2021 displayed incredible promise and a very good sound.

Strange Wind is the band's new single, part of their forthcoming FEVERBLUE, expected out later in 2023.

In their latest release, Violet Silhouette explore the intriguing concept of Neuromanticism. Strange Wind encapsulates a dark and dynamic essence, and is alive with engaging energy. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of eighties industrial music, the band combines these influences with contemporary elements, resulting in an enthralling style.

Violet Silhouette explain more about the song: “This is a hard dance track stormed with warm pulsating synths, glassy guitars, and collaging soundscapes layered behind ethereal, yearning vocal melodies on drum machine sounds inspired by an early 80’s industrial past.”

Strange Wind is paired to a correspondingly dark and somber video, directed by Roberto Badillo.

Violet Silhouette
Video directed by Roberto Badillo

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