You Shatter by Sweeping Promises

Darkenin Heart

Sweeping Promises tapped into the collective consciousness of the pandemic in 2020 with their album Hunger for a Way Out. Three years later, their comeback has a new message wrapped in the title of their new album, Good Living Is Coming For You.

Seemingly, the title looks as it is representing a promising and comforting outlook. However, upon closer examination, the realization that it might actually carry a more ominous undertone becomes more clear. The band's new work may serve as a warning or even a menacing threat, revealing a darker side to their craft.

You Shatter is an irresistible dance track that flawlessly combines the elements of mod-con disco and post punk, resulting in a distinctive fusion that is both gripping and compelling. The expressive vocals seamlessly blend with the bass and synth-driven instrumental foundation of the song, creating a harmonious and dynamic sound.

Good Living Is Coming For You is scheduled to be released on June 30th, 2023 through Feel It Records in North America and Sub Pop for the rest of the world.

Sweeping Promises

Feel It Records
Sub Pop

Band photo by Shawn Brackbill

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