The Door (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix) by Silver Synthetic

Darkenin Heart

Silver Synthetic, a group from New Orleans, has delivered a surprising remix of their track, The Door, courtesy of Oliver Ackermann from A Place to Bury Strangers. The original song was released in April 2023 as a standalone single.

Ackermann's version injects a lively, faster tempo with a fierce drum machine beat, bringing to the song a lot of of vibrant and psychedelic vibes. This revamped version of the track is accompanied by a visualizer by New Orleans visual artist Jessica Bizer.

Silver Synthetic guitarist Kunal Prakash comments: “‘The Door’ was one of the first songs Chris showed me when the band was just getting started and it grabbed me immediately. The song floated in and out of the live set and we tried recording it a couple of times before we ended up with a version that satisfied all of us. And what better to do after all of that time sculpting a song than smash it into a million pieces? It felt like the right thing to do and I knew Oliver had to be the one to do it. I’m so happy he was down to work with us.”

Ackermann describes the remix: “The Door is a sick as fuck track that was pretty wild to do a remix for. The sheer talent of Silver Synthetic is so immense it was a real challenge doing something that didn't step the energy of the song down. If I'm gonna put my name on a track I want it to be sick as fuck so I had to just keep on twisting and dementing the track into its current form. It had to transform from a beautiful butterfly to the tricked-out worm that is this remix.”

Silver Synthetic
Visualizer by Jessica Bizer

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