It Never Gave Me Anything by Spunsugar

Darkenin Heart

Based in Malmö, Sweden, indie rock/shoegaze trio Spunsugar, have unveiled the new single, It Never Gave Me Anything. The song is the first offering from their new album, A Hole Forever, which will be released on November 17th, 2023 via Adrian Recordings.

The group adds a contemporary feel to the shoegaze and dreampop base of their sound by blending electronic, post punk, and pop elements in a distinctive way.

The band explains: “It Never Gave Me Anything describes a relationship between a person and an unwanted side of themselves. This side is so unlike how they want to be that they treat them as a separate entity, maybe even a person. It has always been there, ruining moments, talking to them and making sure that they never forget that it is present. A seemingly never ending list of things this ‘it’ is responsible for is recited over a pulsating beat and bass riff that is both ominous and groovy at the same time. This paired with a wall of distorted guitars that show up in the bridges and choruses, creates a song that makes you question what mood the song leaves you with. As is typical of the band, the song plays with what emotion, as well as which genre, it evokes.”

The lineup of Spunsugar is comprised of Cordelia Moreau, Elin Ramstedt, and Felix Sjöström. Drawing from their individual musical backgrounds, the three members bring a fusion of unique influences to the table. In their upcoming album, A Hole Forever, they explore themes related to aging and dark secrets, all under the perspective that life unfolds as a trip towards an inevitable end.


Adrian Recordings

Band photo by David Möller

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