Darkenin Heart

MINDREADER, a quartet from Montreal, merges ambient textures, melodic vocals, and eerie narratives with pulsating electronic beats reminiscent of eighties synthpop. Lingering between genres, the group presents a unique take on contemporary synthpop.

Offering new single, The Kill, the group plunges into the aftermath of a romance gone wrong. It navigates through the storyteller's intricate tangle of feelings encompassing desire, disillusionment, and fury. The recurring expression "the damage is done" acts as a poignant echo across the entire song, underscoring the unchangeable nature of the factors leading to the relationship's collapse.

The song's lyrics, coupled with its accompanying video, offer a view into the hidden dynamics within the relationship, unveiling a disturbing facet where one partner systematically manipulates the other. As the video concludes, it portrays the protagonist's weariness from this manipulative play, ending in a cruel disposal of their counterpart.

Photography by Emma Khoury / Philippe Manh Nguyen
Video directed by Alexandrine Khoury

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