From My Tiny Room by Precocious Neophyte

Darkenin Heart

Jeehye Ham, who initially made her mark in the Korean indie music scene and garnered attention as the vocalist and guitarist for shoegaze and post-rock project Vidulgi OoyoO, and as the guitarist for psychedelic rock band JuckJuck Grunzie, went on a new musical journey when she relocated to Chicago. From that point on, the artist delved into the realm of home recording and experimentation.

In 2019, Ham unveiled an EP featuring intimate acoustic compositions under the name Sophysoon. As Precocious Neophyte, Ham fully embraced the solitary nature of home recording and the lo-fi aesthetics with Home in the Desert.

On the album's opening track, From My Tiny Room, Ham says: "I experienced loneliness and isolation in this country and doubted what I could do. I needed to encourage myself. I had to admit that I'm anonymous and a stranger here. Nonetheless, I believed that someone would listen to my voice, which is weak and small. This is the most positive song on the album."

Home in the Desert has been remastered and will be out on vinyl through Graveface Records.

Precocious Neophyte

Graveface Records

Band photo by Sara Thornton

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