Rosa Lila Dance by Sutras

Darkenin Heart

Dāna is a solo instrumental release by Sutras, the newest project by Tristan Welch hailing from Washington, D.C. the EP is out through Strange Mono. All proceeds from this release will be contributed to Bread For The City, a mutual aid organization dedicated to alleviating poverty among D.C. residents by offering resources such as food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social support.

Welch experienced a period of profound personal upheaval which ultimately led him to embrace Buddhism, grappling with addiction recovery and a difficult divorce. In Sutras, the artist harmoniously merges the passion of making music with the wisdom of Buddhism.

“I’ve found refuge in the teachings of Buddha and shelter in Bhakti,” Tristan explains. “I feel at peace when art is a gift and nothing more. I’ve created Sutras to help myself and others refrain from the attachment that creates our suffering.”

“If you boiled down the songs and took away the effects, they would just be hardcore songs, just super slowed down,” he describes the music of Sutras.

Rosa Lila Dance is a beautiful instrumental track that unfolds and carries the listener on a mesmerizing voyage, mirroring the complete journey offered by the entire release.


Strange Mono


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