Tor Aukrust by The Uptights

Darkenin Heart

Tor Aukrust is a brooding song that might resonate deeply with those burdened by overwork. It's the most recent track release from Oslo's The Uptights, displaying a slow and melancholic composition that diverges from the band's typically louder style.

Frontman Andreas W. H. Lindvåg explains the creation of the song: "I was writing my history of ideas thesis while working as a journalist at a newspaper. When everyone left work, I would continue on until late. After a while the lights would switch off, so I had an old lamp on my desk to go with my little library of books. Our scruffy office was on the top floor with windows in all directions, taking in Oslo at night."

Lindvåg continues to describe the track's concept: "In short: it’s a song about failure. It’s very human though, isn’t it? I would have excited moments of insight only to find that whatever I was trying to grasp eluded me when I looked again. Tor Aukrust is me trying to capture the dreamlike and feverish tunnel vision of my overworked mind. Getting in above your head and getting lost in your head."

The song is part of The Uptights' forthcoming third album, I Was Dreaming, which is scheduled to be released on October 27th, 2023, via Keepsecretrecords/Diger Distro.

The Uptights
Cover artwork by Andreas Fossheim
Band photography by Ida Solheim-Olsen

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