Moongirl by Chopper

Darkenin Heart

Moongirl serves as the first track unveiled from Chopper's forthcoming album, Shock Pop Vol. II. From Copenhagen, Denmark, Chopper is the brainchild of Jonatan K. Magnussen, also known for his work with The Love Coffin. Defined by the project's dark, dance-friendly, and whimsical essence, Chopper lifts inspiration from a variety of influences, including eurodance, glam rock, industrial and disco, with the artist himself favoring the term 'shock pop.'

Departing from the lively and dance-centric style of Vol I, Moongirl creates a cinematic sonic expedition, characterized by an instrumental base made from drum machine, synths, bass, and guitars, while an emotional vocal performance takes the song to another level. The track is a sentimental ballad infused with gothic romanticism.

Moongirl represents Chopper's distinct interpretation of the 'stadium rock' label, presenting it through a whole different view. It's steeped in nostalgia and thoughtfulness, displaying Chopper's ability to traverse a broad spectrum of genres and evoke a range of sentiments.


Pink Cotton Candy Records

Video by Ama May, Thomas SkjĂžlstrup & Chopper

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