Falling Star by Lilac Angel

Darkenin Heart

Taking their name from a song by the influential and minimalistic sounds of the seventies German band NEU!, American Southwest band Lilac Angel weaves together post punk, noise rock, and art rock in a dynamic way.

One standout from their new material is Falling Star, a fascinating track featured in the band's EP, I Try Human. The song is also the EP's opening number, and it navigates the worlds of post punk and noise rock, offering a forceful guitar driven sound coupled with a thought-provoking concept.

The band describes the song: "A plea to end bombings, an inherently indiscriminate and destructive method of warfare. This song imagines placing oneself in the shoes of the pilot that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and in the shoes of his mother Enola Gay Tibbets, and grappling with the incomprehensible consequences of that event."

Lilac Angel

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