HEARTS OF 2023: Post Punk, Shoegaze & Dreampop

Darkenin Heart

Darkenin Heart has once again curated its annual playlist, carefully selecting tracks that left a significant impact on us throughout the year. Instead of presenting an exhaustive list, we have tweaked our yearly playlist to feature the songs we want to carry with us as a reflection of 2023.

HEARTS OF 2023 showcases dynamic post punk songs from noteworthy bands like ††† (Crosses), Now After Nothing, The Soft Moon, Sculpture Club, and Mannequin Pussy. It introduces promising newcomers such as MINDREADER, Maruja, and Chalk, as well as dreamy shoegaze tracks from artists like Cathedral Bells, dayaway, Blanco Tranco and Precocious Neophyte. The playlist also captures the charm of darker acts like Astari Nite, Ringfinger, Caress, U.S. Grave, and Violet Silhouette, along with contributions from accomplished groups like Slowdive, Modern English, and The Telescopes. The playlist extends its reach to similar sounds and styles, offering a diverse selection of 200 songs.

There is an additional playlist on YouTube featuring the videos that we enjoyed throughout the year.

As we transition into the new year, HEARTS OF 2024 is already taking shape, featuring tracks from upcoming releases. Steadily, it will be filled with the songs we listen and cover on Darkenin Heart.

The HEARTS OF 2023: Post Punk, Shoegaze & Dreampop includes: Now After Nothing, A Very Special Episode, Violet Silhouette, U.S. Grave, Ringfinger, Digital Drvgs, Kontravoid, The Soft Moon, fish narc, past self, Kraków Loves Adana, Caress, Asbest, Lord Kesseli and the Drums, Chalk, Chrome Waves, Maruja, Kill Shelter, Death Loves Veronica, Pulsations, Wire Spine, Ragana, Ov Pain, FACS, Sprain, MINDREADER, OSNOVA, The First Eloi, Sculpture Club, Liminal Project, Astari Nite, Fulvetta, DETECTS, Maurice Business, Nausicaa, Fusea, I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper, Slowdive, R. Missing, Chelsea Wolfe, Phantom Bay, Venin Carmin, Dreamwheel, figure eight, Bathe Alone, So, Reverie, Shady Baby, SWiiMS, Cuffed, Forest Circles, Pink Milk, Chopper, DECEITS, SOFT VEIN, ††† (Crosses), The World at a Glance, Last Grasp, Dion Lunadon, Hit Bargain, Modern English, Salvana, Dead Leaf Echo, Tetsu the Phoenix, Body of Leaves, Ruth Radelet, Bizou, Fragrance, M!R!M, Warm Graves, Crystal Canyon, Beach Vacation, Mayflower Madame, Total Pleasure, IN COVERT, Symbolism, KAARST, STRAIGHT RAZOR, Gost, Glass Chapel, ISYA, Isoberlinia, Sea Lemon, Day Wave, Midi Memory, Child of Night, test plan, Mannequin Pussy, Red Mecca, Dane Joe, Wax Heart Sodality, sunshy, Blanco Tranco, Babel Map, atmos bloom, Tremours, Vazum, Hackitt, T. G. Shand, Gillian Dream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Isobel Campbell, Monk, Curtain, Precocious Neophyte, BLIGHTS, Lanayah, dayaway, The Album Leaf, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Midwife, Vyva Melinkolya, Drab Majesty, Final Body, Spunsugar, Library Card, The Red Stains, Sloome, Twin Rains, L.A. Sagne, Bestial Mouths, COLLAPSE, Golden Hours, COOL HEAT, Cheerless, SGO, Baleen, Gallows' Eve, Edging, DROUGHT, Sweeping Promises, Mad Honey, Bolywool, The Underground Youth, The Telescopes, Futureheaven, Mirrorball, Beach House, Latenite Automatic, Spirit Award, Night Hikes, The Empty Page, Down The Lees, Tuff Turf, Gurriers, The Lonesomes, Lunacy, Ghost Cop, Give Up to Failure, More Ephemerol, Abandoncy, The Raveonettes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Wolfschmidt, Avalyn, Old Coke, LUMER, Elastic Skies, street grease, No Hate Club, ZOHRA, ydia Lunch, Azar Swan, Bridge Dog, ANGER MGMT., Life In Vacuum, The Empty Threats, West Wickhams, dust, The Loud Bangs, Plague Pits, Arditi Daggers, Body of Pain, ROD, No Floor, Whitelands, Madeline Goldstein, Free from Concern, Dasein, Do No Harm, Rival Cults, The Psychotic Monks, High Marks, Memoria, SPACESHIPS, Holy Fawn, Jon Hood, Ladytron, fairfields, Joyful Forfeit, Laveda, CIEL, Primo Danger, The Veldt, Queen Serene, King Bug, Lauds, Goodbye Ranger, Oceans, Lala Salama, Bank Myna, Powder Horns, Drainer, Mhaol, Collapsing Scenery, War Orphan, Orochen, Batboner, Cath RÃisÃnen, The Lungs, PINK MEXICO, Blue Statue, STAINWASHER, Donzii, Repairs, Taleen Kali, Magnetic Skies.


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