Every Album by The Soft Moon Resonates With the Shape of Darkenin Heart

Darkenin Heart

The Soft Moon's music has been an essential element ingrained in Darkenin Heart's complexion, and the creations of Luis Vasquez have consistently served as a wellspring of inspiration and admiration. The unexpected loss of Vasquez has dealt a profound blow to the post punk / darkwave scene. Despite this, the extensive body of work left behind by The Soft Moon, spanning five albums and additional releases, is destined to endure indefinitely.

The eponymous album, released in 2010, caught the attention of the esteemed label Captured Tracks. Recorded over the course of a year, it exudes a spontaneous quality that renders it memorable. It was the catalyst for a remarkable body of work, and marked the inception of a unique creative journey.

In 2012, Vasquez faced misfortune when he was robbed at gunpoint, resulting in the loss of his laptop containing an album's worth of material. Despite this setback, Zeros, released later that year on Captured Tracks, maintained the dark essence of The Soft Moon's debut, characterized by a gritty quality in its concise format.

Following the success of these albums, Vasquez took a slightly different approach, relocating from California to Venice and Berlin for the creation of Deeper, released in 2015. More polished than its predecessors, Deeper left a substantial impact and became the band's final release under Captured Tracks.

In 2018, The Soft Moon made their debut on Sacred Bones with Criminal, arguably Vasquez's most realized musical vision. This remarkable record resonated with both personal significance for the musician and relatability for the listener.

The culmination of Vasquez's journey with The Soft Moon occurred in 2022 with the release of Exister, the band's final offering on Sacred Bones. Filled with existential themes and reflective of personal struggles as implied by the title, it stands as an artistic expression of profound pain.

Noteworthy additions to The Soft Moon's artistic vision include the EP Total Decay from 2011, which is a robust companion to the band's debut, and the more experimental album A Body of Errors, released under Luis Vasquez's own name. These works, along with The Soft Moon's consistently forward-thinking and authentic approach, contribute to a legacy that remains consequential and genuine.

The Soft Moon

Captured Tracks
Sacred Bones Records

Photography by Matteo Nazzari
Video directed by Y2K

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