The Throat by Olin Janusz

Darkenin Heart

Completely self-taught, London-based musician Olin Janusz, didn't start playing an instrument until he reached early adulthood. After facing challenges trying to connect with bands, he decided to isolate himself, pushing to enhance his skills across various tools until he achieved a level of proficiency. His upcoming album, Please Leave Quietly, is set to release on April 5th, 2024, through Stellar Frequencies, Candlepin Records and Araki Records.

The Throat emerges as the debut single from the album, accompanied by a video directed by filmmaker Joan Sabatier. It's an atmospheric track with ponderous lyrics and an overarching brooding atmosphere. The video draws inspiration from Bergman's Winter Light and can be interpreted in different ways, representing themes such as "an escape, a return or resignation."

The Throat is a profoundly sentimental track that encapsulates Olin Janusz's emotional depth as an artist. It showcases a highly creative utilization of influences, drawing inspiration from the likes of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. Furthermore, the song extends its reach into both darker and more contemporary styles, incorporating elements reminiscent of Lambchop, Arab Strap, and Songs: Ohia.

Olin Janusz

Stellar Frequencies
Candlepin Records
Araki Records

Cover art by Olin Janusz
Video directed by Joan Sabatier

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