Mindsweeper by Sloe Noon

Darkenin Heart

Sloe Noon, led by guitarist and vocalist Anna Olivia Böke, comes up with a moody fusion of dreampop and alternative rock. Influenced by the artist's experiences in both the UK and Germany, Böke's music resonates with the energy of British alternative rock and the rhythmic sounds of Germany's Krautrock scene.

Their latest single, Mindsweeper, produced by Theo Verney (English Teacher, Lime Garden, TRAAMS), marks the second installment in a series of three singles. The song blends indie rock with shoegaze elements, showcasing Sloe Noon's characteristic sound.

Speaking of the track, Anna says: “The title is a play on the classic 90s Windows game. The song voices the frustration that bottles up and explodes like a mine when you’re not getting the love and attention you desperately seek from someone close to you. Feeling like you were swept aside in their mind. It’s catharsis at its best to scream: ‘Did you forget me?’ The song finally resolves into a grand shoegaze epilogue, coming to realise as you get older that love can manifest itself in all these funny and unexpected ways, too.”

Sloe Noon

Dalliance Recordings

Artist photography by Hannah Schwaiger

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