Crowland by Olin Janusz

Darkenin Heart

Olin Janusz has unveiled new track Crowland, another Americana-infused slowcore track from the upcoming album, Please Leave Quietly.

With moody vocals blending with the evocative tones of pedal steel and mellotron, Crowland is wrapped up in impeccable production, exuding a profound sense of richness. Collaborating on vocals is Logan Farmer from Western Vinyl, adding depth to Janusz's introspective impression.

Thematically centered on grief, the song poignantly recounts Janusz's final moments with a paternal figure, exploring the complex emotions surrounding loss. Clocking in as a lengthy and commanding composition, Crowland produces a melancholic tone through pensiveness, reviewing the depths of sorrow.

Please Leave Quietly is set to release on April 5th, 2024, available through Stellar Frequencies, Candlepin Records, and Araki Records.

Olin Janusz

Stellar Frequencies
Candlepin Records
Araki Records

Cover art by Olin Janusz

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