Hidden Sun by DREAMWAVE

Darkenin Heart

Originally just a project limited to a university bedroom in Brighton, DREAMWAVE honed their psychedelic garage sound in 2021. The band, reimagined as a full-fledged psychedelic rock outfit, reveal their latest single, Hidden Sun, following their relocation to Bristol. This shift signifies a departure from Brighton's dreamy coastal views, and a move toward a weightier, brutalist sonic landscape.

With their new offering, DREAMWAVE sought to produce a composition which radiates a particular warmth, drawing inspiration from the hot and soothing atmosphere of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns. The single's title directly nods to this influence, describing the scorching heat of a hidden sun amidst a desert backdrop.

The members of DREAMWAVE share a passion for retro graphic design, Bauhaus minimalism, and sci-fi realms like Warhammer. This blend of constituents shines through in their music, which feels like a synthesis of various creative origins.


Velvet Echoes Records

Video directed by dokaman & DREAMWAVE

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