Monaco by RIDE

Darkenin Heart

Monaco is the latest single from the upcoming album by shoegaze pioneers Ride. The new track veers toward the group's more upbeat side, exuding a vibrant and exciting sound.

Ride's Mark Gardener unveils details behind the song's creation: "The backing track came from the earlier Ox4 Sound sessions we did and we gave it a demo name of ‘Monaco’ as we were naming these jams and ideas we were pulling together as place names. One evening, during the recording sessions at Ox4 Sound, the guys had all left the building and I was there with just producer Richie Kennedy and an engineer. I had been writing some words about how I was feeling that everybody was being smashed in the current economic climate with the rise of energy bills and all else; to the point that it just seems now that we’re having to live to work instead of working to live. The song is a reflection on this feeling of how we’re all being smashed to pieces and under pressure constantly financially. It’s a kind of call to arms against this whilst we still have strength to fight against it. “Monaco” then stayed as the ironic title as the song is totally against the madness of the few who live in their artificial, detached rich bubbles in Monaco."

Ride's new album, Interplay, is set for release on March 29th, 2024 via Wichita Recordings/PIAS.


Wichita Recordings

Band photography by Cal McIntyre

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