Boy in the Lake by To Destroy A City

Darkenin Heart

Chicago-based musicians Andrew Welch, Jeff Anderson, and Michael Marshall compose To Destroy A City. Musically, the band transitions between rhythmic movements, expanding peak points and gentle atmospheric sections, and their music's melodic core is based on layers of guitar, synthesizer, and piano, with electronic beat production blended with live percussion.

Boy in the Lake is a song from the group's most recent album, Only To Fall. The track is brimming with emotion and possesses an imposing and engrossing post rock sound with hints of slowcore and electronica. The band's enveloping style is expertly captured in the new album. The song offers a riveting journey into darkness, suggesting the prospect of becoming consumed by adverse emotions and a deepening of despair, yet the music also has a confident quality that strikes an appealing balance and makes for a fascinating listen.

To Destroy A City



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