I Wanna Cry by Elektrokohle

Darkenin Heart

Elektrokohle, the Berlin cold punk band, returns with their latest single, I Wanna Cry. The dark and brooding post punk track bursts forth with a potent energy, showcasing the band's commanding presence. Exploring themes of introspection and self-talk, the song delves into the quest for answers within the inner self.

Accompanying the track is a monochromatic music video, directed by Brazilian musician and videomaker Murilo Sá, that perfectly complements the somber tone of the music. Shot mostly in Berlin's Neurotitan Gallery, the video's moody visuals evoke a sense of unrest and introspection.

Set against the backdrop of the gallery's dimly lit room, Elektrokohle deliver an absorbing performance, their music reverberating with intensity throughout the space. As the lyrics of the song examine feelings of longing and despair, the video serves as a poignant visual representation.

I Wanna Cry together with the band's other new song, Abstand, are released through Dushtu Records (France) and Off - Record label (Germany), with both tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fabio Buemi at Funkhaus Berlin.


Dushtu Records
Off - Record label

Band photography by Lauryn Zoe Hinsch
Video filmed by Murilo Sá

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