Mauvais perdant (feat​. ​Laura Krieg) by Renonce

Darkenin Heart

Mauvais perdant is the lead track from Renonce's new album, Nuisance sonore, released on April 12th, 2024, through Verboden (CA) and Negative Gain (US). Featuring the guest vocal contribution of Laura Krieg, the track is a brooding piece that maintains Renonce's identifiable darkness while incorporating a touch of accessibility.

With its themes of defeat and abandonment, the song embodies Renonce's characteristic intensity, offering a glimpse into the album's overall themes and atmosphere. Through intricate production and layers of enticing noise, Mauvais perdant traverses the realms of post punk, shoegaze, and industrial, creating a haunting yet magnetic sonic landscape.

Nuisance sonore emerges as a commanding force, delivering a direct and powerful sound. With its darkwave and industrial forcefulness, the album seems like a genuine work dedicated to the exploration of melancholy.


Negative Gain Productions

Cover artwork by Emmanuelle Charneau

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