On Returning by The Third Sound

Darkenin Heart

The Third Sound from Berlin are releasing a music video for their last single, On Returning, coinciding with the reveal of their new album, Most Perfect Solitude. The brand new song is a dreamy piece that pits Hakon's melancholic, melancholy voice against reverberating guitars, while the video creates an equally psychedelic atmosphere.

Hakon Adalsteinsson of the third sound comments on the new song: “On Returning has a dreamy atmospheric feel to it but in a different way than we have done before I would say, as there is certain rawness to it as well. The lyrics have a simple theme: it's about rising up from the ashes, coming back stronger...that sort of thing.”

The album was composed and recorded over the course of two weeks during a rare escape from Adalsteinsson's touring schedule. The main concepts of the record also revolve around travel and the loneliness and isolation that accompany it. Hakon reveals that the title of the album is a line from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which he discovered through Werner Herzog's journal entries in Of Walking In Ice, which chronicle the filmmaker's journey from Munich to Paris: “I noticed after the album was finished that many of the songs touched on the theme of trips or some sort of travel, so I knew immediately that it was going to be the title, especially because of the context I found it in. When you are travelling or touring you can find yourself in a weird sort of isolation, whilst also often looking for solitude to get away from everything. And, sometimes, it is best to listen to music in that most perfect solitude. We made this album relatively quickly as we only had a tight time frame to make it in. The odds were against us but just like gambling big and ending with a winning hand, it felt incredible, as well as a huge relief to realise when we pulled it off. It’s an album that we are extremely proud of, moving the band forward artistically.”

The Third Sound

Fuzz Club

Cover artwork by Frank
Video by Jean De Oliveira & Melisa Fort

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