Forever by ANI

Darkenin Heart

Folie à deux, the debut album by ANI, was released earlier in 2024 by Verboden and Negative Gain.

With a blend of darkwave and synthpop, Folie à deux features the combined skill and artistic imagination of Ana Klahr and Philip Traikovski. It features stimulating lyrics, sincere vocals, and engrossing melodies.

“We are beyond thrilled to unveil Folie à deux to the world,” says Ana Klahr. “This album is a culmination of our collective passion and dedication, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it with our fans. We hope that our music resonates with listeners and sends them on a transformative journey.”

With a well-made DIY video and a gritty, nostalgic darkwave sound, "Forever" showcases ANI's remarkable original vision, which is steeped in dark and bleak aesthetics.


Negative Gain Productions

Cover art by Charlie
Video by Ana Klahr and Philip Traikovski

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