Killdozer by Midwife

Darkenin Heart

No Depression In Heaven is the fourth studio album by Madeline Johnston's Midwife project, coming out on September 6th, 2024 from The Flenser. The first example from the album is the melancholic single, Killdozer which musically is completely characteristic of Midwife's hallmark sound, and draws inspiration from a real life event.

The primary subject matter of Killdozer is Marvin Heemeyer, a proprietor of a muffler repair shop who, in 2004, took a modified bulldozer out on a demolition spree before taking his own life in a small Colorado town.

Over the span of the previous few years, No Depression in Heaven was composed in the back seats of vans while on tour. It was recorded at home in New Mexico between 2021 and 2023. The album explores concepts of nostalgia, the linkage of dreams, recollection, and fantasy, and the ongoing motif of sadness that runs across Midwife's body of work.

No Depression In Heaven features collaborations with Chris Adolf and Michael Stein of American Culture, Ben Schurr and Tim Jordan of Nyxy Nyx, Angel Diaz of Vyva Melinkolya, and Allison Lorenzen.


The Flenser

Video by Curt Heiner

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