TOKYO SURF by aoihr

Darkenin Heart

Tokyo-based alternative/shoegaze/dreampop band aoihr (アオイハル、aoiharɯ) is a one-man operation. In 2017, Shunsuke Abe, a composer, singer, musician, and videographer, founded the project whose latest single, TOKYO SURF, has an emotional and intense sound that is indicative of Japanese music.

The artist comments on the new song: "I was working in Shinjuku Kabukicho in Tokyo last summer and winter.

"This is one of the most underground and extreme areas in Japan, where many young people spend their momentarily depraved lives. Suicides among young people are also very common.

"I worked there as an employee of a so-called "host club" and communicated with many young people who were living a messed up life.

"They had resigned themselves to the future, but to me it seemed that they were living in their own way, calmly and beautifully."

TOKYO SURF exudes an almost epic quality and conveys a combination of resolve and sorrow. The song reflects a combination of hope, tenacity, and the search for closure through its rich sound.


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